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USA Strategics was founded in 2013 in Washington State with the mission to provide effective, positive change in diverse environments. Our objective is to bring about lasting improvements through our proven change management framework for individuals and organizations.
At the core of our operations are five pillars: Relationships first, integrity, proven performance, subject matter knowledge, and trust. Relationships are at the forefront; something that has been nurtured and developed over decades of experience building and maintaining trust-based networks. Our staff of experienced professionals has cultivated an extensive reach of local, state and federal connections that provides an advantage when formulating solutions to make positive change.
This knowledge and resources are brought to bear on a case-by-case basis, allowing our team to customize strategies to best fit the situation. Every client and every challenge requires a unique approach. We understand this, and since our inception, our team has offered optimum services tailored to fit individual client needs.
Founder Dr. M. Scott Sotebeer recognized the need for a special brand of problem-solving in complex, 21st-century public and private sector environments. His forty-plus years of hands-on experience in government, law enforcement, marketing, and 911 response are the cornerstone of USA Strategics. Now, a complement of multi-talented and expert professionals with their own unique skills, strategies, and areas of expertise can be called on to address the specific needs and challenges of each situation.
Today, USA Strategics has set itself apart from conventional change management consulting companies, relying on a proven approach to tackling problems and addressing concerns in the new millennium. The understanding that change can no longer be seen as a destination but rather a continuous journey marked by celebrated successes and milestones, anchored in learning and growth through failure and success.
For those looking to make lasting, positive change in their lives and organizations, USA Strategics has the answer and experience to make it happen. Contact us today at (206) 313-5633 or visit our website to find out how we can provide a solution tailor-made to your unique challenge!

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